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Monday 11th

Good morning Amethyst Class, I hope you have all had a nice relaxing weekend and ready for the week ahead.  Each day there will be a videos for you to watch to introduce the learning for the lesson as well as the usual documents for you to work from.  Sometimes, I'll be in the video, other times it'll be from a website somewhere. 


For English and Topic, I'll be using the Google Classroom from time to time.  When I set learning on Google Classroom, this will be indicated when you click on the lesson icon.  


You should have all had a link appear on your Google Account Calendar for a Live Meet, which will take place either today at 1pm, tomorrow at 1pm or on Wednesday at 1pm.  I can't wait to see you all.

Joe Wicks is restarting his PE lessons today.  He will be running a session every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I will be putting the link on the class page on each of the days and I'll be getting involved again.  They run live at 9am (just like last time) but you'll be able to catch up at any time after that.  Maybe you could send in photos/videos of you taking part or add them to the shared folder in Google Drive.  Click the link below to go to Joe's Youtube channel and find today's session.