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Monday 11th May


I can tell the time on a digital clock.

This week we are going to move on to looking at digital time. This is how you might see the time on a computer or TV.

Digital time can be 12 hour or 24 hour. 

It shows the hours first and then the minutes (03:20). Unlike with analogue time, the minutes are always past, so after half past (30), we move to 31, 32, 33, etc. 

Watch the video and read through the powerpoint below. 


I can write descriptive paragraph. 

Today, we are going to do some work on describing a setting. In 'the man who bought a mountain', there is a lot of description of the scenery. Choose a setting from the pictures below and write a paragraph describing it.

Imagine that you are walking through this place, so what you can see might change as you go on your journey. Think about using ambitious vocabulary. You might want to use some of the vocabulary that you have been noting down as you have been reading the story. Make sure you are using different senses to describe.

You could start your story with As I wandered through the .......