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Monday 11th May

Good morning, 

Welcome to another week of home learning. I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed some VE day celebrations. We made jam tarts and painted some red, white and blue pictures. This is one my little boy made. 


Picture 1

We cut out a plane and placed it down on some paper then he used sponges to paint over the plane and the rest of the paper. Once it was dry, we took the plane off and it left a mark where it was. I think it looks quite good and I would like to try it again with other shapes. Did you do anything fun? I hope you had a great time. 

Today there isn't any phonics work again as I think (fingers and toes crossed!) I have fixed the problem with the music website so I would like you all to try your music lesson instead of phonics for today. 

*Parents - I think you need a 'p' in front of your log in number. So your log in should be a lower case p and a number with no spaces. Hopefully this is where I was going wrong but please let me know again if there are any problems. I have never set up a child's log in for this site before.*

Anyone who doesn't have a log in, please drop me an email and I will send you one over. 

It is a new week - just think of all the fun you can have! 

Miss you all, take care

Miss Hickman 


Objective – I can find a quarter of an object.


This week in Maths we are going to carry on our fractions work. Can you remember what we learnt last week? What is a half? How do we find a half? What rules do we need to remember? Well today we are going to look at finding one quarter. Finding a quarter means taking a whole object and splitting it into four equal sections then if you focus on just one of those sections – you have a quarter. It helps if you first halve your object into two equal pieces then if you halve again you will end up with four equal pieces.

Watch this clip to find out more.

Task – Practice finding a quarter of different objects around your house. Like we did last week, the best things to practice on are food and drink (because then you can eat them afterwards!) Maybe you could make a sandwich for lunch and cut it into quarters. Or have a jug of juice and pour it into four quarters. Find different objects around your house and practice splitting them into four equal sections. You might want to take photographs and stick some in your maths books or draw some of the objects – remember to clearly show how they have been split into quarters.


Objective – I can name the letters of the alphabet in order.


This week we are going to focus on our English skills. It is important we practice and improve our skills so that we can improve our writing. Today we are going to work on the alphabet. Now you are in Year One, it is important that you can say the alphabet in order (A, B, C, D, etc) and that you know the letter names. In Phonics we learn the different sounds letters can make but it is important that we know the letter names as it can help us with our spelling. Watch this clip to find out more. 



Listen to the alphabet song. Each letter has a name and in this song you can hear each name. Do you know the name of every letter of the alphabet?


Task -Can you sing the letters of the alphabet in order? Do you know the letter name for each letter of the alphabet? Try to do this for letters not in order, for example, can you write your full name and say the letter name of each letter in your name (not the sound it makes)? Play a game with someone in your family to practice. Ask someone to write a word but to keep it hidden so that you can’t see it. Then they need to tell you the letter names of the letters in that word for you to write it down. If you listen carefully and use the correct letter names, you should have written down the same word as them. Check you both have the same word. Swap and repeat.


Challenge – ‘Alphabet Challenge’ Can you create an ‘alphabet of animals’ and think of an animal for each letter of the alphabet? As a challenge you could try to name each animal too, for example, ‘Annie the anaconda’.