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Monday 29th June

Happy Monday! 

Good morning and welcome to another week of home learning. 

How was your weekend? I hope you enjoyed it. We have spent a lot of time outside playing with bubbles and looking for insects. 

Have you been enjoying our story in English? You'll be pleased to know you can read more this week and find out what happens. 

Have a great week - you are doing amazing. 

Please email me anything you wish to share, it is great seeing all the super things you are doing. I have been sent some great Eden projects that I have shared in our 

'photos from home' album, you might want to take a look. 

Take care, 

Miss Hickman 


Objective –  I can show arrays.


Last week we started looking at arrays. Can you remember what an array is? (There is a clip on Friday’s page if you need to remind yourself). We learnt how we can use objects and put them in equal groups to make them easier to count and that sometimes, things come in groups of 2 or 5 or 10 and we can count them in 2s, 5s or 10s. We also learnt that when we want to show this as a picture, we can draw dots. This saves us time and helps us to draw them in neat lines of rows and columns. Today I want you to use what you know about arrays
to draw the array in dots.


Task – Read the number sentence and show it as an array. Draw the array in dots and try to keep your columns and rows in line so it is easier to count (you could use the squares in your maths book to help). Remember all groups must be equal and you will need to write the answer.

Challenge – Try the problem solving challenge.


Objective –  I can use my imagination to help me write.


This week we are going to carry on reading ‘Treasures In The Garden’ together. Below is the next section of the story. It might be a good idea to reread the story from the beginning to remind you what has happened so far.

Although Holly and Jake haven’t found his special teddy, it sounds like they have had a fantastic adventure in the garden. They are looking through all of the things they have collected from their garden and using their imagination, they have pretended they have come from magical adventures. I wonder what special treasures you could find?


Task – Go on your own adventure either in your garden or a walk with your family and see what things you can collect. Try to find roughly five or six objects to bring home with you. Once you are back home, use your imagination and make up where they came from. Maybe you have a stick that was given to you by a fairy for helping them to build a house. Or maybe you have a special leaf that you found while searching through the jungle riding on a friendly tiger. The more imagination you can use – the better! Write some sentences to describe each of your objects and where they came from.


Challenge – To use adjectives (describing words) for example; friendly, scary, huge, soft, round, beautiful, small, rough, colourful.


Today we are learning how 'ore' can make the 'or' sound. Work through the power point with an adult and practice reading 'ore' words. After you can decide if you want to play the board game with someone at home or the egg and spoon word match. For the word match, you could make your own word cards with the written word on one side and a picture of what it means on the other if you preferred.