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I can multiply and divide by 7


Today, you are tackling the hardest times-table... the 7s!

However, if you know all of your other times-table facts you will only need to learn

7 x 7 = 49 (because you should already know 2 x 7, 3 x 7 and so on, when you learnt those tables!)


7 Times Table Song | Skip Counting by 7 Song with Multiplication

There is a task set on My Maths today for you to complete. Watch the lesson linked to the task first, before having a go at the work.

(I have added a 9 times table task for those who may be less confident and you can complete that instead if you prefer.)

I've also added multiplication wheels for you to use your 7 times-table division knowledge too. 

Here is a multiplication grid to help you with your work, should you need it: