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Happy Friday

Maths & English

On this page, you will find some lessons for both Maths & English.  For other lessons, click on the afternoon ideas star.  To listen to a class book, click on the reading star.


Congratulations to the boys, who were victorious in our TTRockstars battle 299 vs 148.  That makes it 1-1 in the series. 

The Maths work this week goes alongside this PowerPoint but don't rush ahead, we'll work through this together.

Monday:  Work through slide 1 - 12 and then complete Worksheet 1 in your pack or access it below from the PDF.  The answers are on slides 14 - 19.

Tuesday Maths

Mr Jewitt takes you through Tuesday's PowerPoint and adds a few extra questions in to keep you on your toes!!

Tuesday:  Watch the video above. You'll need Worksheets 2 & 3 from the PDF or a piece of paper to write the answers on as the worksheet is displayed as part of the video.  Answers are also in the video so mark with me once you have done the questions.

Wednesday Maths

Follow and join in with this lesson from White Rose. Then have a go at Worksheet 4. And finally try slides 51 & 52 to finish off with. If you want to do more maths, head to the 'Extras' section below and choose an activity.

Thursday Maths

Follow the video and join in. Then try the challenge at the end - I posted a screen shot of the answers below. Just click the link to reveal.

Friday Maths Intro


The Happy Prince (Book Reading)

Reading of 'The Happy Prince'. Written by Oscar Wilde and Illustrated by Jane Ray.I do not own the featured work and this reading is created as a fair use fo...

Monday: The statue. Watch the story from start to finish.  Then write a description of the statue.  Think about what it is made from, how it looks, where it is, what it's doing etc.  Make sure you use good adjectives, capital letters and full stops.

Tuesday:  The Sick Boy. Watch the story again.  Now focus in on the picture of the mother and the sick boy.  What would the mother be thinking?  Write down the thoughts that are in her head.  What questions might she have?  Remember to use the correct punctuation.


If each sentence is worth 10 points, how many points can you collect? Can you get to 100 points? Or maybe even more?  But be careful...for every wrong punctuation mark, you lose 2 points.  If you want to, why not type your sentences out on Google Docs and hand it in? I've set up the page in Google Classroom for you worth a maximum of 200 points (20 sentences). If you hand it in, I'll mark it and give you a total for your work.

Once you have written your sentences, have a read of them again.  Have you used any 'boring' verbs or adjectives in there? If so, can you think of better words? If you're not sure, Google the word followed by the word synonym (e.g. sad synonym) and you'll get words that mean the same thing - just like using a thesaurus. Then choose a better word and pop it in your writing.


Join in with the video below, which uses the picture above for inspiration.  Then write your own journey to Egypt as the Swallow.  I've set up a page in Classrooms for you to do this if you wish.

Wednesday Writing

Thursday English

Join in with the video and then try the writing. A page has been set up on Google Classrooms for you to use if you wish.

Friday English Intro