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How to Support Your Child

Helping at home

Below are ideas and suggestions you might want to try to support your child's learning at home. It is not compulsory and should be fun, short snippets as and when you feel is suitable. 



  • Counting to 20 - forwards, backwards and starting from any number
  • Forming numbers correctly - the right direction, shape and size
  • Counting to 50 
  • Recall numbers bonds to 10 (number bonds are pairs of numbers that total ten e.g. 8 and 2, 6 and 4, etc.)
  • Practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s
  • Solve addition and subtraction number sentences with numbers below 20 



  • Form all letters correctly (correct shape, size and orientation) 
  • Be able to match all capital letters to their lower case equivalent 
  • Spell words by sounding out and using Fred fingers
  • Write sentences independently with a capital letter, full stop and with finger spaces



  • Read RWI books regularly 
  • Re-read for fluency and comprehension 
  • Ask questions about what is being read (characters, make predictions, check understanding as you are reading, favourite part, likes or dislikes)