St John's CE (VC) Primary School

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Please log in to MyMaths to complete your maths homework by Friday of each week.

Times table rockstars log ins have now been set up and your child will have bought home a letter with their log in details. Children are expected to complete their times table practise on this website at least once per week. It is better that you practise little and often (10 - 15 minutes per day). 

English homework will be dated and posted below. You are not expect to print or bring this into school - build your independence and take ownership for your own learning.

You should be reading your fiction or non-fiction book at least 3 times per week and signing your diary or asking an adult to sign it if they listened to you read. 

Our class email is


Maths - MyMaths - multiplying double digits


MyMaths - long multiplication


English - using was and were quiz


MyMaths - adding and subtracting fractions


Science - Complete a moon diary each night to track the phases of the moon.

If you would like a printed version of this homework, please ask on Monday. I know that it goes dark quite late now, so if you are unable to stay up to look at the moon, you could ask an adult to take a picture for you which you can use to add to your moon diary the following day.  If you cannot see the moon, draw a cloud in the box. 

Please bring your moon diary into school once you have completed it. 



MyMaths - Converting improper and mixed fractions.


MyMaths - your homework this week is more practise on equivalent fractions. If you get stuck, use a fraction wall to help you. 


MyMaths- bar multiplication and division

English - rainforest comprehension (choose which set of questions is the best for you to complete)

Don't forget that we are on set 10 of the spellings this week and that you have your test on Monday. 


MyMaths - short multiplication.

Please, please, please also practise your timestables! They are really important and will help you a lot with our maths over the next few weeks. Don't forget that we have timestable rockstars for you to use to practise. 


Maths - Mymaths - multiplying by 10 and 100. You are experts at this now, we have been working really hard on it in school!


English - non-fiction comprehension


Maths - MyMaths - times tables and factors and prime numbers. 

English - this week you have two short comprehension activities to complete about Christmas. One is about Christmas in the trenches and one is a newspaper report about a sighting of Santa! The answers are linked below. 


Maths - MyMaths - multiples / times tables

Create a poster explaining what multiples, factors, factor pairs and prime numbers are. Include an example of each.


English - Using brackets for parenthesis. Complete the sheet linked below and then have a go at the mini quiz. The answers are included. 

20 / 11 / 20

Maths - time and timetables

English - Look at the sheet linked below. There are quite a lot of mistakes! Can you edit the work and re-write the passage correctly? The answers are linked on the second page. 


Maths - mymaths - two way tables

English - Your homework is about modal verbs this week. We have been looking at these in our writing but there is a powerpoint linked below if you need a reminder. 


Maths - MyMaths - real life graphs

English - Spellings crossword and word search (linked below)


There is no homework this week as it is half term. Please continue to read and practise your times tables. 

Have a lovely week!


Mymaths - estimating

English - Complete a book review about your favourite book using the template below. We will be using these book reviews for a display in the classroom so if you would like yours to be put on the display, please email it to me on the class email address. 


Maths - MyMaths this week is on written methods for addition and subtraction.


English - Viking comprehension. The answers are included in the link. 


Maths - Please log in to MyMaths to complete your negative numbers homework. 


English - Your homework this week is on pronouns (words which replace nouns such as he, she, they, we). Please choose which sheet is most appropriate for you, you do not need to complete all three. The answers are linked at the bottom. 


Maths - This weeks mymaths is on place value. 

Topic - Research and create a poster about one of the Viking Gods. 

English - your English this week is a comprehension. The answers are linked below. 


MATHS - Mymaths has been set this week on symmetry. We have been learning about symmetry in school.

ENGLISH - English this week is linked to our science topic 'sound'. Read the information in the text and then answer the questions in full sentences. Don't forget to use a capital letter and use evidence from the text where you need to. 


Maths - Your MyMaths this week is all about symmetry and translation which we have been learning about in school. 

English - this week you will be up-leveling sentences. Look at the sheet linked below.