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Homework 3/12/2020

This week's homework is some arithmetic work mainly focussing on subtraction. Please find the task set on MyMaths and have a go at some of the subtraction train games on TopMarks.


Also- check out the photo gallery for some photos of our work on investigating circuits in science. Children were given the challenge of making the bulb light up using the equipment they were given. After some good team work, lots of thinking and using their knowledge of what conducts electricity, they all did it. Well done Class 2!


Homework 26/11/2020

This week's homework is to practise using commas when writing a list. Check out the BBC video we watched in class to recap then have a go at the task by writing the answers in your homework book. yes


Try the 'Going Shopping' and 'Mark the sentences' tasks. 'Awesome Adjectives' is optional!.

Homework 19/11/20:

We have been working on addition using a blank number line this week. I have set some MyMaths addition work for you to try. It would also be useful to practise your addition on a number line using the method below:


Start with the largest number. Add on the tens and then the ones.

Homework 12/11/20:

We have been learning about plurals this week. We have learnt when to add -s, -es, -ies and -ves to root words.

  • For most nouns we add -s
  • If the root word ends in ch, sh, x, s or z, we add -es
  • If the root word ends in a vowel (a,e,i,o,u) and y, we just add -s. If the root wood ends in a consonant and y, we drop the y and add -ies.
  • For some words ending in -f or -fe, we drop the f and add -ves.

Have a practise your plurals by copying the words from the sheet into your homework book. You don't have to do both sheets!


Spelling Logs: