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Welcome to our Home Learning page!


If your child is self-isolating, please follow the links below to access home learning. 

As well as our Home Learning, please also continue to practice your handwriting, spellings, reading and phonics. Please find below lots of information on how to support your child in these areas as well as lots of great websites and free resources to use. If you feel that you or your child need further support in any of these areas, please just let me know. 


Your child should to continue to practice their weekly spellings, which can be found in the Year One Spelling Log. I have attached a copy of this below.

Your child should work through the booklet, beginning at Unit 1, and completing each set of spellings at least twice to help embed their learning. It is very important that your child can pronounce, read and use the words they are spelling. A guide on how to support your child's spelling is provided in the front of the Spelling Log. 



It is vital that your child continues to practice their phonics on a daily basis. Sound mats have already been sent home with Phases 2, 3, 4 and 5 and I encourage you to recap these sounds with your child each day, alongside completing the daily phonics lessons. Copies of these sound mats are provided below, alongside a range of resources to support your child's phonic knowledge. 


We also use Phonics Play regularly in school which is available at Simply choose the phonics phase for each game. At the moment, we recommend choosing Phase 4 and 5.

Additional phonics support can be found at 


In Year One, our focus is for your child to develop pleasure in reading and a motivation to read. This will, in turn, support their understanding and increased vocabulary. Whilst we are unable to send physical books home, please make use of our online reading programme ‘Rising Stars’. A selection of books have been assigned to your child at their current reading level, with a comprehension quiz for each one. You can access ‘Rising Stars’ at  If you have any problems logging in, please let Mrs Cole know.

There are many other ways to support your child’s reading at home. The most effective of these is to read to your child on a regular basis. This should include a range of texts including fiction, non-fiction, poems and nursery rhymes. You could also read instructions to your child, recipes or even leaflets for places you would like to visit. 

Additional Websites to Support Home Learning

There are also some fantastic websites that you use at home to support your child's learning. 


  • BBC Teach have a range of Home Learning sessions available on the website. These are really interactive with lots of videos, games and quizzes. You can access these resources at www. 
  • BBC will be broadcasting Primary Education videos live from Monday 11th January 2021.
  • Twinkl is normally a subscription website, however, to support school closures there are currently free resources available to support home learning. You will need to sign up using your email address and then use the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS
  • Oxford Owl currently have a range of free eBooks and also provide support for reading and phonics. Take a look here: Oxford Owl for Home: help your child learn at home | Oxford Owl
  • Phonics Play is a fantastic resource that we use in school to support children in reading real and nonsense words. It is also lots of fun! Follow this link: PhonicsPlay
  • To support the correct pronunciation of phonic sounds, follow this link and have a look at Mr T's Phonics - YouTube
  • Crickweb have a range of free resources across the curriculum which can be accessed at


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