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Home learning - July 2021

Week 1

English - poetry - the Jabberwocky

Day 1 - Read the poem 'the jabberwocky' linked below and then look at the powerpoint presentation. Can you find any examples of the different poetic techniques outlined in the powerpoint?

Day 2 - draw a mythical creature and label the different body parts. Find adjectives for how they look and also think about how they move, sound and smell. 

Day 3 - plan your own poem about your mythical creature. If you want your poem to rhyme, think about finding pairs of words that rhyme and will make sense. Think about what is going to go into each stanza - are you going to do a stanza describing what they look like, what they eat, how they move, how they sound?

Day 4 and 5 - write your poem!



Day 1 - column addition - practise your column addition of 4 and 5 digit numbers. You can write your own questions or roll a dice to generate each digit. Use a calculator to check your answers. 

Day 2 - create and play a board game that requires you to use your times tables. 

Day 3 - make a symmetrical piece of art using squared paper (you can print squared paper online if you don't have any.

Day 4 - Go on an angle hunt around your house and garden. How many right angles can you find? How many obtuse and acute angles? Keep a list of what you find and what shapes the angles are in. 

Day 5  - have a go at the multiplication and division questions linked below. 


Click on the link below and choose one of the story starters. Plan how you would continue the story. Now spend the rest of the week writing your story. Don't forget to use paragraphs and stay in the same tense throughout the story. 


Day 1 - practise your short division using bus stop. You can choose your own questions. Divide 4 digits by 1 digit. 

Day 2 - Perimeter investigation. What is the perimeter of different items in your house (bed, table, sofa, desk) How could you measure?

Day 3 - Measuring weights. Use the scales in your kitchen to estimate and then measure the weight of different items in your house. You could use your measuring skills to do some baking but check with your parents first. 

Day 4 - times table practise. Use the internet or flash cards to practise. 

Day 5 - What is the time? Use the telling the time sheet linked below to practise.