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We are carrying on with the theme of 'food'. Please watch this short video of Felix and Franzi naming different fruits in German. Obstsalat means fruit salad. Another word you may not be sure of is 'gesund' which means healthy. 

Can you now make an Obstsalat? Don't worry if you can't make one, it is fine to draw and label one instead. What would your put in your Obstsalat? I would have Apfel, Birne, Bananen, Ananas und Erdbeeren (strawberries). 

Felix und Franzi, Band 1, Kapitel 5 - Obstsalat

German for Primary School children with Felix the frog and Franzi the duck. Video clips to accompany teaching resources on the Goethe-Institut website. http:...

We have been learning the German names for different foods. When you go to Germany, you want to be able to order food in a cafe or restaurant. Watch the video below and then write some of your own sentences using the phrase 'Ich mag....' As you all know, 'Ich mag Schokolade.'

German for Children Food/Essen