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Guten Tag! This week we are going to revise items you may find in a pencil case. Watch the video and play the game. Then, draw a pencil case and name all the items in German.

Deutsch lernen: Schulsachen

Guten Tag! This week, we will be revising das Wetter. Wie ist das Wetter heute?


Watch the video below and then write some of your own sentences about the weather. You can draw some pictures too.

For example: Das Wetter ist schlect. (The weather is awful.)

Sonnenbrille oder Regenschirm?

We have been revising the parts of the body in German. Many of the words are easy to learn as they are similar in English but others are a little more difficult. Enjoy dancing and singing to this video and then have some fun either playing snap or Lotto with the cards.

Rolli und Rita fanfic - Ich habe zehn Finger

Body parts in German.mp4

Still image for this video