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Friday 10th July

Good morning!


Another week has flown past! I also managed to come into school this week and see Mrs McAvan. It was lovely, walking into our classroom (even though it looks a little different) and being back in school.  It made me miss being together like before but did make me feel excited for September even more!


As we would normally have Sports Day in the summer term, we are having a Virtual Sports Week next week! Miss Hickman has put together some great activities for everyone to enjoy each day, so watch this space!


I hope you have an enjoyable day and a lovely weekend too.  The weather is supposed to get drier (and brighter) after today, so hopefully we can all get outside and enjoy July a little more. 


Miss you all lots and lots,

Mrs Winstone :) 




I can recognise 2D and 3D shapes


Your work has been set on My Maths today.  It is based on your learning of 2D and 3D shapes from this week.  If you need your log-in details, please e-mail us on the Class 3 e-mail address and we will send these asap.  Once you have completed the task set, have a go at guessing the shapes in the online game below.


Friday 10th July

I can write an ending for my story


We will be finishing our story today. Try to keep the ending short and answer any questions your reader may have about your story so far.  Use conjunctions to help extend your ideas (because, when, whilst, although, since). These will help you form complex sentences. 




Finally, the black cab pulled up outside the theatre doors. A huge crowd of people stood outside, all waiting in a long organised line. "We've made it!" giggled Mathilda, excitedly whilst paying the fare. 


The two girls frantically ran up to a friendly looking lady who was holding a clipboard. "We're here for the audition. This is my little sister, Francesca. Do we just go straight in?"

"Ah, so this is THE Francesca Boardman.  Everyone has been talking about you and your talent. We've been waiting for you. You're just in time. Head straight inside and someone will show you where to go," explained the assistant.


Moments later, Francesca found herself stood alone on the enormous stage; in front of an eager audience. This was it. This was her chance to shine.


Once you have written your story. You could try and write a blurb for it (found on the back of a book). You might want to design the front cover for your story too and give it a title. Enjoy!