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Friday 9th October

Please could you go on an autumn walk with your child this weekend (weather permitting!) 

Talk to them about the changes in the season and it would be super if you could collect some things for our nature tray e.g. acorns, pine cones, leaves, conkers etc.

We will use their finds as part of our science and maths lessons in school.

Thank you!


We will also be going on a walk to a local woods next week so just a reminder about having wellies in school and a waterproof coat!

Over the weekend, please make use of our online reading programme 'Rising Stars'. Your child will be assigned one book over the weekend, along with a comprehension quiz. You can access 'Rising Stars' at

Please note that I have allocated the next 3 books to take you up to the half term break!

                                            Happy Reading!!


Let's Learn the Alphabet | A-Zed for Little Ones | Jack Hartmann Alphabet

This song is great for learning both the letter name and phoneme (sound) for the alphabet. Have fun joining in with your child!

We are learning Phase 2 phonics and tricky words.

These short sounds are called phonemes. Please can you practise saying these phonemes with your child.    

Thank you.

This week’s phonemes

ck  e   u   r 

Please practise hearing  these sounds at the beginning, the middle or end of words:


run   hop  rag book  bin  kick   suck  big  bag  net   peck  hill  bug  mug  duck   peg

Tricky words. These are look and say words. They cannot be sounded out!

Please help your child to remember these tricky words by sight:


I    the    to    no   go    into

Read these words. Sound out each letter and then blend them together.


r-u-b     b-a-ck   h-o-t  B-o-b   p-e-t

Read this week's Kit and Sam story with your child. The children enjoy reading about these characters in our daily phonics lessons.

Learn to Read | Phonics for Kids | Making Words - E, U, R

Have fun with the Alphablocks.

Alphablocks C, K, CK - Kick