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Friday 8th January

A Message from Mrs Bayley!


Well done! We can do this!

Exciting news.... 

St John's Spring Reading Challenge launches on Monday.

Click below to go to the Reading Champions page on the website to find our class reading challenge. 

All children who complete and return the challenge by Wednesday 10th February will earn a certificate and a badge.

Have a go and have fun!!


Good luck!

Challenge of the day!


Draw a clock face. Can you write the numbers in the correct place?

Tip - Start with 12 at the top and write 6 opposite it.



Please note that we will be recapping Phase 2 and Phase 3 phonics for the first part of this term. I will try to do this in different ways using Twinkl and the good old internet!! If your child is confident with reading the sounds in these words then please help them to write them using correct letter formation! This will be the beginnings of them learning to spell!

Alphabet Song

I can name and sound the letters of the alphabet.
Remember that we say 'zed!' instead of 'zee!'

Oh dear!! All these tricky words have been jumbled up! Can you put the letters back in the right order? Tell your child the word and then see if they can spell the word using those letters.


het     toin   saw   esh    ym     eh   og    

(the,  into,  was, she,  my, he, go)


This Is a Digital Clock | Digital Clock Song for Kids | Telling Time | Jack Hartmann

Learn about the digital clock. This video is a great introduction for telling time on the digital clock. Digital clock song for kids. Tell the digital time for each hour and learn that digital clocks have colons and 3 or 4 numbers for the time.


I can talk about some of the signs of winter. Share reading this powerpoint with your child. Challenge - which season will come next?

Hickory Dickory Dock | Super Simple Songs

We love Super Simple songs! Let's finish the week with this funny version of the nursery rhyme. It will make you laugh!!
Challenge - Can you tell the o'clock time on the clock?