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Friday 26th June


Objective - I can understand arrays.


Today we are going to make arrays by drawing them. Watch the clip below to look at how we can draw an array.

Remember arrays can be looked at from any way, you could draw an array on your paper and turn your paper portrait or landscape (ask an adult to explain this) and you will still get the same answer.


Task – Look at the different arrays and write the two addition number sentences to match each array.

Challenge – Complete the table using what you know about arrays.


Objective -  I can use ‘because’ to explain. 


Did you like creating your own pirate? I wonder where their adventure will take them today…

Holly and Jake used their imagination to go on another adventure. Where did they go this time? What were they playing in while they were in the garden? What happened during their adventure?


Task – In the story, Holly and Jake pretended to fly to space in a rocket. It made me think… If you could fly anywhere in the world (or space!), where would it be and why? I want you to think about where you would love to go and give reasons. When we want explain why we can use ‘because’.


For example –

‘I would love to go to space because I think it would be really exciting.’


‘I would love to fly to the seaside because I love splashing in the warm sea.’


Talk to an adult and decide where you would like to go and why. Try to think of at least three different reasons why you would like to go there, using ‘because’ to explain your reasons.


We will continue our story next week…




Today is our final lesson on the 've' and 'v' sound. Once you have read through the power point and tried some of the activities, decide whether you want to write a newspaper article or create a photo album. The activity sheets are below to help you.