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Friday 3rd April


Thank you to Jess for your news article. I particularly like the phrasing in the last sentence and the use of relative clauses in your orientation paragraph. Well done

Thank you also to Charlie who has sent his. As always, the vocabulary you have used is fabulous and I love the choice of name for the criminal.

Emily and Cossie – your book review is amazing I’ll place it on our page but also the Reading Champions page. Maybe that’s something else we can get up and running for the rest of the school….

Good afternoon,


I hope you have had a wonderful day. The sun is out YEY! I've even managed to see quite a few St John's children either in school or having a walk/cycle in the local area.


I know lots of you enjoyed watching the dance video. If you haven't seen it yet - click the link below. It is a must-watch. Don't worry I've arranged to meet online with Mrs Winstone over the Easter break and we are going to be planning lots more staff challenges to do over the coming weeks.


It is now time for our Easter break so you will not be hearing from me for a while. Do keep in touch though as we will love to see what you've been up to on the first day back. I can see that I have got LOTS of emails from you today and I've been constantly in and out of Mrs McAvan's office ready to arrange things for next half term. I will read and reply to them all over the course of the evening and will upload any photos so you might want to check-in again tomorrow or next week to see what I've added.


It looks like next half term will still be home-schooling and we will continue to try our best to support you with this. Now we have all got more used to the format we will be taking your comments and feedback from your parents on board to make sure you get the best support you can. We've had some great suggestions so thank you very much for taking the time to contact us. A special thank you to Emily (with her bedtime stories idea) and Charlie (who has a talent show idea) for your input. I'm sure the three of us together - with the help from George, Millie and your parents - can arrange some fantastic things over the coming weeks for the class, buddies and the whole school. More info to come!!!


We are all getting more used to this situation now so we can make it the best we possibly can.The best is yet to come!


Have a great Easter break. I've attached some Easter activities under Emily's challenge on our class page if you fancy something to do. 


Hope to see you all soon (if not in real life, then on a picture or video), Miss Wood

Good morning, 

This is your last day of home schooling this term - a 2 week break is nearly upon us. Yey!

During the break, all the work I have set will still be on here so you can catch up with anything you didn't get time to do. Keep looking at the photos as they will make you smile.

Later today, I will upload some Easter activities that you might like to do over the break. If you fancy crafts, Google and Pinterest have lots of ideas; keep reading; and keep active too - all the P.E. links will still be available online and on Youtube. Keep sending emails, I might not be able to upload them over the break but I certainly will on the first Monday back when Mr Glover logs in to the office emails, and they will put a smile on my face.


The mystery activity that I was doing yesterday can now be revealed. The link is below. It's so you can see all our smiling faces before we break up and keep you smiling. We are all missing you lots and lots. 


Have a great day - Miss Wood


p.s. answers may be a little later today (hopefully before 5pm) but I have a shopping errand to do after school for a neighbour who's over-70. They will be there though :). 




To end the week you've got a maths crossword activity and then an optional multiplication challenge.

Have fun!


Multiplication: 1) 8, 3.5, 0.24, 0.07

2) 35, 5.6, 30, 0.07, 0.9

3) 700, 30, 25, 5.2, 0.08

4) 8                         5) 0.4                     6) 1.5                     7) 0.08                   8) 100                    9) 6                        

10) 0.02                11) 10                    12) 6                      13) 80                    14) 0.06                15) 0

16) 0.57                17) 0.9                  18) 60


Your writing task (this will last 2 days):


Imagine finding one of the Faberge eggs in a rummage, car boot sale or garage sale. How would you react? What would happen next? Would you buy it, steal it, announce that you’ve got it or hide it? Write a short diary or story to describe your discovery and the after-effects.


Write a dramatic news article about a Faberge egg. One could have been stolen. Or it could have been found after a long time.

I’d love to read them this evening when they’re done - send a picture to the office email.