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Friday 3rd April

Maths Test Mark Scheme


To round of the week's problem solving activities, I am afraid it is time to complete the Reasoning Test that was sent home with you.  If you've lost it or weren't in at the end of our final week, I have posted it below.  It says it should take you about 35 minutes, but just work through it at your own pace and if it takes you longer, don't worry about it.  Good luck everyone.


Yesterday, you should have written a desription for the plane flight section of the story (you can find the link to the video in yesterday's post).  Today, I would like you to use your imagination.  Think up a missing section of the story - where could the little boy and his grandfather go and how might they travel?  What would they be able to see? What might it sound like and feel like? What does teddy do?  It's your imagination now, so you can do whatever you want with it but let's make sure that it's nice and descriptive and well punctuated.  If you've got a little brother or sister, you could then play it out with them later or over the Easter break.  If you write something you are particularly proud of (or already have), you can always take a photo of it and send it to me to read.  Enjoy.

Topic & Philosophy


You should be completing your pyramid today, if you haven't already.  Once it's finished, please send me a photo of it and I'll add it to the gallery, where you can see all of the ones sent in so far.  


For Philosophy - watch this short video of Spots & Stripes debating a question.  Use it as a stimulus to debate with your family.