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Friday 17th July




Funday Friday Summer Themed Maths Activities!


You've made it! Welcome to your LAST day of maths lessons in Year 3!  If we were in school, we would have spent the day doing lots of fun games and activities. Don't worry, we will get to do all those things together again soon.  I have added a Summer themed maths activities booklet for you to download and have a try at.


Over the summer holidays, it is very important you continue to learn your times tables as next year you will be assessed (by the government) on how well you know these. By the end of Year 3, you should be able to recall your 3, 4 and 8 times tables. If you already know these, begin learning your 6s and 11s.






Funday Friday 17th July

I can reflect on Year 3


Today, I would like you to think about all of the things we have done whilst in Year 3 and complete a reflection sheet. Think about any favourite moments. Maybe you really enjoyed the class trip to Chester Zoo in the Autumn Term? Which was your favourite topic? Did you enjoy the architect days we had when we studied Gaudi?  Try to put these down on the reflection sheet. Alternatively, you could use a blank sheet and come up with your own reflection sheet!   


We would love to see your work and the things you have enjoyed doing whilst in Year 3! Please send any pieces of work to us at the Class 3 e-mail.