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Use the wordsearch to practise your spellings and then test yourself using the voice note. Pause the recording if you need longer to write. 



5 Persuasive letter


We are learning about imperial measures. Watch the lesson video.

You can then complete the challenges. Bronze this week is a guided video challenge.

imperial mass lesson

bronze mass lesson

Afternoon learning - Malala's Magic pencil

Today, you are going to do some artwork. You will notice that the illustrations in the book include a lot of henna art work. Henna is a temporary dye made from plants that is used to decorate the skin during different festivals and celebrations. It is usually made with patterns and include lots of nature images such as leaves and flowers. Your task is to draw your own henna pattern to decorate your hand. Draw around your and on a piece of paper and then decorate it using the henna style patterns. Use the images below and the pictures in the book to inspire your artwork. 

Optional extra mini-taks

Do your own research into Pakistan. Find out where it is, what food is eaten there, what clothes are worn and what life is like living in Pakistan. Create a poster or a powerpoint presentation to show what you have found.