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Attached below is a wordsearch for you to find the spelling words. You can print it, complete it on-screen or even play online by following the link on the sheet.

Once you've done it you'll need to test yourself using the voice note.

Voice recorded spellings for testing:

Writing - log in live to Mrs C at 9.45. Today we will be starting a new project - a persuasive letter based on the story 'Day the Crayon's Quit'. Hopefully these lessons will be just as god as they've been so far.

Today's maths is a bit more complicated than usual.


Step 1 

Here is the link for your maths learning today

once you've watched, complete the activity below.

Step 2:

Either: complete the 4 challenges from yesterday if you didn't get through them all

Or: complete the Y6 ultimate challenge below. You can only do this one if you did everything yesterday as you need all the learning. 

New learning answers

Extra challenge