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HOORAY! The last day of home learning!

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Lesson Objective: I can compare units of time.



Log into MyMaths to complete today's lesson on comparing time. Make sure you work through the lesson before trying the questions.


Lesson Objective: I can answer questions about the Tin Forest.


Now we know the story of The Tin Forest really well. I'd like you to have a go at answering some comprehension questions about the story.

Tin Forest- Story

Story Time

Oi Dog!



Living, Dead, Never Been Alive (05/03/21)

There are quite a lot of pictures so don't feel like you have to add them all to your table! Also, some feature in more than one section when they are made from more than one material. 


Lesson Objective: I can design a Fairtrade lunchbox.


Have a look at the Fairtrade website for ideas of the different products that can be bought. What would you put in a Fairtrade lunch box to eat?