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Friday 15/1/21 Welcome

Paignton Zoo are showing a 15 minute live lesson about habitats at 11am if you wish to join in. You can view it using Microsoft Teams or throught your web browser by following the link below...


Lesson Objective: I can understand the value of coins.

Log in to MyMaths and complete the online lesson on money. Make sure you do this before completing the homework task.

Mental Maths

Keep your mental maths skills fresh by seeing how quickly you can complete these questions. You can do these verbally!



Lesson Objective: I can write a non-chronological report about space.

Today we are going to use our plans from yesterday to write our own non-chronological reports about space. 

15/1/21 Non-Chronological Report

Template (Optional)


Lesson Objective: I can identify how much time I spend online.


This lesson aims to explore how much time we spend online versus doing other sorts of activities. We will also look at how spending too much time online can sometimes not be so good for us.


Watch the video about Tag the mouse and complete the activities. They don't need to be completed on the sheet.


Points to discuss:

  • Ask the children what do they think Tag was doing wrong at the start of the video?
  • Focus on playing on the computer/ other device. Ask the children how long they think they spend on the computer/other devices in a day. Explain that they have become a very important part of our lives and remind them of all the good things we achieve from this activity (‘help us make new friends’, ‘help u to learn new skills’ etc.). But also explain that we need to be careful not to spend too much time on this activity.
  • Ask the children why they think it is not a good idea to spend too much time on a computer/other device. Try to guide their thinking towards ‘sitting down for a long time – no exercise’, ‘stops us communicating with real people’, ‘stops us from going outside in the fresh air’ etc.
  • Explain that between 30 minutes and an hour is long enough to spend on a computer/other device. Remind them what this looks like on a clock.


Computing 15/1/21