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Friday 29th January

Good Morning Ruby Class!

It is the end of another week of home learning! Congratulations everybody! You have all been amazing, yet again, and worked so hard this week! Let's find out what we are doing today in our Friday morning message...

It's Friday!!

Let's head back to our class story 'The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me' by Roald Dahl. There's some exciting news for Billy...

Part Fourteen

Still image for this video
Come back on Monday to find out what happens next!


Learning Objective: I am learning how to be mindful.


As you can see, our Friday is beginning a little bit differently to normal! I know that you all really enjoyed our mindfulness video from last week! And it is really important that we are all looking after ourselves to make sure that we are happy and healthy! So this morning we are going to begin by learning about our wellbeing and how we can relax and be mindful. Do you know what mindful means? Find out more here...


BBC iPlayer - Celebrity Supply Teacher - Series 1: 12. Katie Piper - Well-being


I hope that you are all feeling relaxed and ready for your day ahead. Don't forget, we upload weekly wellbeing activities onto the Class Page. Just follow this link...


Learning Objective: I can subtract (not crossing 10).


Today, we are going to start looking at subtraction! Let's begin by watching this video from White Rose Maths...



Practice your subtraction skills by completing the worksheets below. 

Parents: Don't forget, these worksheets include lots of great tips and questions to support and extend your child's learning!


Learning Objective: I am learning about alternative spellings and pronunciations ('ue' and 'ew' as 'oo').


Today, we will be consolidating our learning on alternative spellings of 'oo'. Remember, these words can contain 'ue' and 'ew'. But don't forget, they can also contain our split digraph u_e! Let's practice...


Activity One

Look at each picture on the worksheet, name it orally and write the word next to it. The correct sounds are at the top of each column to help you. (The answer sheet is also included as I know some of the pictures can be tricky to name! But don't cheat!)

Activity Two

Now practice spelling words with the 'oo' sound independently. This time, the sounds have not been included! So take your time and think carefully about which spelling is correct.

Don't forget to keep practicing your phonics at Phonics Play! 



Learning Objective: I am learning about polar bears.


Learning Objective: I can write sentences using capital letters and full stops.


This afternoon, we are going to have lots of fun recapping our learning on polar bears and pretending to be one! But first, I think it is about time that we FINALLY read our story 'Poles Apart' by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Jarvis. All of the stories that you have created have been amazing and I have loved reading them! So let's find out if our predictions were correct...

Poles Apart

I really hope that you enjoyed the story! Now it is time to find out a little bit more about polar bears! Can you remember your three facts from Tuesday's lesson? If you would like to recap your learning on polar bears, just watch this video...

All About Polar Bears

Now, we are going to have a closer look at the daily life of a polar bear.


Activity One: Drama

For this activity you will need to find somewhere with lots of space. You might also want to get your siblings involved too! When you are ready, click on the video below. We are going to pretend to be polar bears...!

Polar Bear Drama

I really hope that you enjoyed learning all about a day in the life of a polar bear! And, of course, that you had lots of fun pretending to be one! We are going to use what we have learnt in our next activity...


Activity Two: Writing

We had lots of fun acting out all of the things a polar bear does every day. Now, I would like you to use what you have learnt to pretend to be a polar bear and write a diary entry. Use your knowledge about polar bears to help you and try to use lots of adjectives. 


Here are some helpful tips that you may find useful when writing your diary entry...



You might also want to go back to the video to recap some of the things that polar bears do everyday. I have also included videos and some useful websites below in case you want to add more information. Have fun! 


10 facts about polar bears! | National Geographic Kids (

Top 10 facts about polar bears | WWF

Polar Bears For Kids | Cool Kid Facts

Polar Bear Habits | Wild: Polar Bear Diary | BBC Earth

The Life of a Baby Polar Bear | Wildlife: The Big Freeze