St John's CE (VC) Primary School

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Friday 29th April

Mr Tumble Songs | There's a Worm at the Bottom of the Garden 🐛

Sing and sign with Mr Tumble from Something Special to this nursery rhyme, There's a Worm at the Bottom of the Garden! The children have really enjoyed the challenge of learning to sign this song!

Herman the Worm ♫ Camp Songs for Children ♫ Kids Brain Breaks Songs by The Learning Station

One of the most popular children's songs, "Herman the Worm" is from the award-winning CD, "Action! Fun! Dance!" "Action! Fun! Dance! The children found this song very funny!

Jolly Phonics Phase 3

Please keep practising these digraphs and trigraphs. Practise makes permanent!!

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To

Forming the curly caterpillar letters. It is very important that these letters are formed correctly before your child starts in Year 1! We would love to see your efforts on Tapestry!

How to form the letters:c, a, o, d, g, q, e, s, f.

Counting by 2s

It's a skip counting song by 2s. This is designed to help with early years numeracy and sight words for numbers.

Worms Are Wonderful | Amazing Animals | Backyard Science | SciShow Kids

Ever wonder what those little earthworms are up to? Learn why worms are wonderful with Jessi and Squeaks!