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Friday 24th September

Learn to Read | Phonics for Kids | Learning Letters - i, n, m, d

This weeks phonics learning with Alphablocks!

i      n      m      d


Please practise hearing these sounds at the beginning, the middle or end of words:


sun  anigloo  mop  sad  dice  tin  pit   Sam  dig  ban  net   pig  pen  nest   dog  mug  duck   pen


Read these words.

Sound out each letter and then blend them together.


i-s   a-n   i-t   i-n

s-i-t    p-a-n    t-i-n 

     m-a-p   p-a-d                     


Please help your child to read this Kit and Sam story. The children know the characters as we use them as part of their phonics lesson.

Another thing Lego is good for!! We love our Rhythm Time with Gemma!

Still image for this video

Try this at home!!

Still image for this video


I have also added a video showing how to write the letters correctly.

Please don't panic!


Just concentrate with your child writing the letters in their own first name correctly at first.

I will be sending home a laminated name card that you can practise at home with a whiteboard pen. Remember to start at the red dot.



Correct formation is very very important.

If your child learns to write the letters correctly now in Reception class they will find cursive writing in Year 1 very easy.


Have fun writing the letters on a tray in shaving foam, sand, glitter, rice etc.


I would love to see a photo of you having a go on Tapestry!

Thank you to parents who have already done so!

They are great to see!!

A lot to take in!!!! But don't worry - we will get there!!!

Learning to Write with Correct Letter Formation full Alphabet