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Friday 24th April

Well done for a wonderful week.

I've decided that today is Funny Friday - create some laughter in your family. If you'd like to send a joke to me over the weekend I'll post it on the class page Monday morning to make everyone smile.


This week, your homework set by Natalie and Titan is to design an animal superhero: have a look at the activity sheet and her example.

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Maths POTD answers

Maths POTD answers 1

It is 10am and time for our class assembly. I have emailed the parents of all children who have received a certificate - along with a special message for some who have been awarded badges.


Well done to Cossie, Clara, George and Kelsey for achieving certificates this week. Clara and Cossie for their amazing resilience and positivity in these tough circumstances; George for his perseverance and Kelsey for her positivity and imagination.


Well done to all, keep up the good work and it could be you next week!

Happy Friday.


I have uploaded English and maths learning below and will upload answers later along with this week's certificates.

It was very difficult to choose certificates this week, well done to all of you who are regularly sending me updates, keep this up! It might be you next week.


I will also be uploading this week's homework from my sister, Natalie. She has worked very hard to plan and prepare it for you while also working (she is a key worker since she looks after all the RSPCA dogs) and looking after her poorly foster-dog Titan so I hope we get lots of responses I can send to her. 


Today is National Skipping Day. Have a go and have a great time. I didn't have a skipping rope so I found a cut some rope that was in our garage -- I also thought about using the garden hose or my dressing-gown cord. If you don't have a rope, make one using the instructions on the page, find something else like I did or just pretend and jump along!


Have a great day!

Click the link below to see a video of the staff giving it a go.

Today you have a choice of two tasks on converting from mixed to improper fractions as well as today’s POTD.

MyMaths - This will recap on your prior learning of converting mixed to improper


A4 Subtraction – you have more of a challenge here and some creativity.

Hello, your task today is to write your diary entry (or your Tinga Tale if you have chosen this instead). On the first slide, you will see I have put some examples of the Y6 skills as a reminder for your writing.