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Friday 3rd July

Hi Class 2. I hope it’s been a great week for you all. Well done for all the hard work you have been doing! Have a nice weekend! 

Question of the day...
Can you draw a picture without taking your pencil off the paper?



Lesson Objective: I can answer questions about movement and direction.


Task 1: I have set you some tasks to have a go at on MyMaths to have a go at.



Task 2: Design a treasure map with some different items or landmarks. Can you direct someone at home to each of the items? Use the vocabulary we have been using this week. Forwards, backwards, left, right, turn, clockwise and anti-clockwise.


Lesson Objective: I can create a poster advertising Live Aid.


Today I would like you to design a poster advertising Live Aid. Remember to include all of the important information and make it eye catching!



-13th July 1985

-To raise money for the famine in Ethiopia 

-Some of the names of the bands

-Wembley Stadium/JFK stadium