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Exciting news....  St John's Spring Reading Challenge launches on Monday. Go to the Reading Champions page on the website to find your class reading challenge. 

All children who complete and return the challenge by Wednesday 10th February will earn a certificate and a badge. 


Good luck!



Today is the last day of our recapping.  Next week we will be moving on to subtraction - with a view to mastering column subtraction.  But for now, we will recap our column addition.  Again, choose two sections.  If you want something harder afterwards or a little more practice, then ask an adult to write some for you or write your own, but do not go more than  two 3-digit numbers - the answer might be a 4 digit number but not the numbers you are adding.

I've also set a girls vs boys battle on TTRockstars for you, which ends on Monday evening.  It's 2 - 1 to the girls at the moment.  Can the boys level it up?



Have a look at the woolly mammoth hairdos that have been created - which is your favourite one and why?  If you were going to create a hair style for the mammoth, what would you give it? How would you dress the mammoth? Would you give it any accessories, like a bow on its tail or a shiny Rolex watch!  I'd like you to draw your mammoth with its new hairdo, its clothes and its accessories and then write a description.  


Can you use great adjective? Alliteration? Simile?


I'd love to see what you do with your mammoth - send me your work and I'll share them with the class.

Also, make sure you read for at least 15 minutes a day.  It's a great way to relax and helps you in so many ways.



I have loved seeing your snow pictures and it got me thinking that we should do some science with it.  So, I want you to find 4 or 5 containers that are the same and pack them full with snow.  Then you have a choice of investigations:


1.  Find a place for each container of snow to go and see how long it takes to melt and turn completely to water.  Were the containers as full with water as they were with snow?


2.  Find different materials to wrap up your containers with and see which containers of snow melt the quickest.  Why do you think this was?


Whichever one you do, how are you going to record your results? I'd love to see your results and pictures of the investigations that you complete.