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Friday 22nd May

I can't quite believe we are the end of another half-term.  We have all been so impressed with everything you have done since the Easter holidays, we are so proud of you parents for all the effort and energy they put into home-schooling but most of all we are grateful for you sharing pictures with us - your smiles make us smile so thank you x


I won't be putting activity ideas on for the next week but there is a tab on the front page with ideas for the holiday.  One of the ideas I have also put the link to below as it looks like a fun packed on-line festival for children which runs over the weekend - virtual tickets are free and I will be getting some today for my children.


I hope you have an amazing half-term holiday, keep an eye out on Tapestry for certificates and an extra treat for the holidays.  Take care, stay safe. Love Mrs Stone, Mrs Clews. Mrs Hawkins-Farrow and Mrs Bowler x



Worship assembly


It's Friday so it is normally worship assembly with Mrs Bayley. Today Douglas is talking to us about letting our light shine and that fact that we can share this light with everyone else.  Firstly listen to the video of Douglas and then I have also added a link to the song 'This little light of mine' - just like Douglas it is one of my absolute favourites to sing at Sunday school.


Last week we made a heart to show our love for our families, today I would like you to draw a bright shiny star or sun with you in the middle so that you can let your light shine angel


Letting Your Light Shine | How Kids Can Share Their Faith

Douglas can't light up like a lightning bug, but he learns what letting your light shine really means. One of the very best ways to let your light shine is t...

"This Little Light Of Mine"



Pick from two activities to try and consolidate everything we have learnt so far first is slightly easier.  Then I have a story for you to listen to, try and pause it every time you hear a rhyming pair.


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There is lot's of choice today to try and revise all the things we have learnt about numbers, how to count, how to put them in order and how to compare the number with objects.  Pick from any of the activities focus on 1-10 if your child is not completely confident on these numbers or pick something harder if your child is ready to try and learn something new.


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