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Friday 22nd May

Happy Friday!

You have made it through a whole half term of home learning. I am so proud of every single one of you! I know working at home can be so difficult when you don't want to do it, but it's so important and you are doing really well. I love getting messages from mums and dads telling me all the fantastic things you are doing and how hard you are working. I know it's tough and so many of you miss your friends but it won't be forever and if you check out the 'photos from home' page, you can see what your friends have been up to. 

Although it is the 'end of term', I will add an 'ideas for at home' page on Monday with some suggestions of what you could do over half term. You haven't got to do any of them but I thought I would share some resources you might want to have a go at. 

I hope you have a lovely half term and stay safe. 

Take care, 

Miss Hickman

P.S If you haven't already sent over photographs of your 'Joy of Moving' festival, please do. I would love to share them with the rest of the school. 



Objective – I can compare the months of the year.


Today we are going to continue learning about the months of the year. Start by asking someone to test you to see if you can say all of the months, in the correct order without looking! If you need reminding here’s a little song that might help –

Task  - Your task is to make an information poster to show the different months and what usually happens in each month. You might decide to split your page into 12 or write 12 subheadings, however you decide to do it, you need to write the name of the month and draw some pictures to show what usually happens during that month. Don’t forget to include your birthday, family member’s birthdays, Christmas and other important events.


Challenge – Try some of the different challenges.


Objective – I can write a non-chronological report.


Today we are going to write our report. Before we get started, have a look through your planning to remind yourself of what you are going to write. Because it is a non chronological report, you can decide which order you want to write the seasons in. You will need to start with a title and then a short introduction. Your introduction could be a sentence or two about what is a season, how long they last, when they happen in the year – something short to introduce your writing. Have a look through the checklist before you start writing, and as this is a longer piece, it’s ok to have breaks and to write one section at a time. Remember – no opinions, just facts – not everyone things that Summer is the best season!


Today is our last lesson looking at 's' and 'es'. I have uploaded today's power point and the last power point from this week so that you can finish the story if you wish.