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Friday 22nd January

Good Morning Ruby Class!

We have made it through another week of home learning! Congratulations everyone! I am SO impressed with all of your hard work and I can tell that each and every one of you are absolutely doing your best. Well done. Today is very exciting as we will be sharing our research about Antarctic animals this afternoon... and THEN we are going to have so much fun being artists! Let's take a closer look at what we'll be doing in our Friday morning message...

Friday Morning Message...

Here is the next part of our story 'The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me' by Roald Dahl. What are they going to do?! Let's find out...!

Part Nine

Still image for this video
Where are the diamonds?! Come back next week for the next part of our story!


Learning Objective: I can add ones using number bonds. 


Can you remember what a number bond is? We did lots of work on number bonds last term in school! If you need a little recap on number bonds, follow this link to BBC Teach


When you're ready, move on to today's video...

Maths 22 01

Activity One

Practice adding ones using number bonds by completing the activity sheets below. 

Activity Two

Follow this link to a really fun number bonds game... 

Just let it load, then select 'number bonds to 10'.


Learning Objective: I can write a shape poem.


We have all worked so hard this week to plan our shape poems, create our templates and to decide what our poems will be about. You have all done amazing! Today is the day that we put all of our hard work together! If you are still a little unsure, don't worry, just watch our video from yesterday and look at my example...

English 21 01

When you are ready, I would like you to write (very carefully!) your completed poem on to your template. Remember to use your very best handwriting, capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Don't forget to include all of those wonderful adjectives that you have come up with! Once you have done your shape poem, send it over to me. I can't wait to see and read them all! 


Learning Objective: I am learning about 'ch' saying 'c'. 


Geraldine the Giraffe is back everybody! And she is here today to tell us about another sound with an alternative pronunciation... (This is my favourite Geraldine the Giraffe video so far! Enjoy!)

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ch/ as the /c/ sound

Activity One

Practice reading and writing the 'ch' as 'c' words that Geraldine the Giraffe thought of! Write each word in a sentence, then read your sentences out loud. Here are those words again...

  • school
  • ache
  • Christmas
  • chorus

Remember to make sure that your sentences make sense and that your 'ch' as 'c' words are spelt correctly. You could even sing your sentences out loud! I am sure that you sing much better than Geraldine!! 

Activity Two

Practice all of the Phase 5 'alternative pronunciations' by reading this sound mat...

Don't forget, you can head over to Phonics Play and practice your alternative pronunciations by playing the 'Cheeky Monkey' and 'Acorn Adventure' games which are currently free to support home learning. Just pop in the following information...

Login: jan21

Password: home


Learning Objectives:


I can create an arctic animal using a variety of tools and techniques.

I understand collections of colour. 


On Tuesday, we looked at some of the animals that live in Antarctica then chose one animal to research further. We presented our findings in lots of different ways! Take a look...!

Rittal’s Research

Still image for this video

Erdem’s Research

Still image for this video

Isla’s Research

Still image for this video

Weddell Seals by Violet

Still image for this video

William’s Research

Daniel J’s Research

Daniel P’s Research

Elliot’s Research

Willow’s Research

Emily’s Research

I am so impressed with all of your fantastic work and I loved finding out about all of the arctic animals! Well done!! Next week we will begin looking at another arctic animal, however, this one does not live in Antarctica! Can you guess where they might live? The Arctic! That is on the other side of the world from Antarctica! What kind of animal do you think we might be looking at? Here is a story to find out more...

The Rainbow Bear

Of course, it is a polar bear! I hope that you are really excited to find out more about them! But first, let's find out what we are doing this afternoon...



I would like you to create a piece of art work based on the Antarctic animal that you have researched. You can use any materials that you have at home to do this, such as colouring pencils, paint or you could create a collage. 

For this piece of artwork, I would like you to use some of the 'cool colours' that we learnt about last week. Can you remember what a cool colour is? If you need to recap, have a look at this cool colours poster...

As an example, you can see how cool colours have been used in the art work on the poster, and they are also used in the illustrations from our story. Let's take a closer look...
Be creative! Have fun! And send your completed art work over to me once you have finished,  I can't wait to see them!