St John's CE (VC) Primary School

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Friday 21st January

Alphabet Automaticity | Upper and Lower Case | 4 Seconds | Jack Hartmann

Jack Hartmann's Alphabet Recognition song and video is a fun way for students to identify the alphabet and test their uppercase and lowercase letter recognition.

Please practise saying these phonemes with your child.

Each one has an action to help your child to remember them - your child should be able to show you what they are as we do them everyday in our phonics lesson!

Please encourage your child to point under each word as they are reading. This encourages them to sound out the word in the correct order and to understand how a spoken word matches the written one.

If your child easily read the Phase 2 comprehension sentences then challenge them to have a go at the Phase 3 one below.

The Big Numbers Song

It's a numbers song for children and adults. Count from 0 to 100 and from a hundred to a trillion.

We have been learning about 1 more than a given number this week. Work through this powerpoint to help your child consolidate this learning.

One Snowy Night - A Percy The Park Keeper story read by Nick Butterworth

Nick Butterworth reads his classic story "One Snowy Night". This is our focus story next week in school.