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Friday 1st May

Good morning!  I had a very busy day yesterday with your video clips and it will be ready for it's premiere later on today.  In the meantime the teachers and staff have been busy again and if you look at the link to the Just for Fun page below you can see our latest video. And.... as if that wasn't enough Mrs Anderson has a challenge for you for next week.  Next Friday is VE Day and also bank holiday so she has set you a World War II baking challenge, all the information is below, I can't wait to see what you create.


It is Friday so it's our normal day for worship assembly with Mrs Bayley and I have given you another bible story to follow as well as some phonics and maths.  I will speak to you all later on Tapestry when it will be certificate time and to release the video!


Have a wonderful day and a lovely weekend x

VE Day challenge

Jonah and the Whale | Stories of God I Animated Bible Stories | Holy Tales Bible Stories

Jonah and the Whale is an animated children's Bible story telling how Jonah, a man who disobeyed God's orders, caused a storm by disobeying God. Jonah jumped...

You might like to discuss the story afterwards and consider why God was upset with Jonah or perhaps you would like to do a drawing or painting of a whale or make a paper boat.



Have a go at the word machine game on Espresso using the link below.  Don't forget you will need the log in:  student27931 and password sjkeele.



Two choices today: