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Friday 19th June

Happy Friday Class One!

How was this week? If you have done some really great work or something you are proud of, don't forget to ask a parent to send it to me so I can share it on our Class page for the rest of the class to see. I love seeing what you are doing at home. I know it is hard to keep working each day, but trust me, you are doing so well and I am really proud. 

We have been learning letters again at home. My little boy was even using my laptop to try and find the different letters he knows. After we went for a walk in the rain and found some huge puddles. It was so much fun and my little boy's wellies were full of water! 

If you work hard at home, I'm sure afterwards you can have fun like jumping in puddles, baking or playing with your toys as well. 

Keep up the super work and don't forget you can always send me emails with your work, messages or just to tell me that you've tried hard. 

Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend 

Miss Hickman 



Objective – I can count objects by counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.


It is important that we know how to count in different amounts because it can help us in so many ways. Often it is quicker to count in what the item is grouped in. For example, shoes come in pairs. If I wanted to count how many shoes I had, I could count in 2s. If I wanted to count how much money I have and I had just 5ps, I could count in 5s. Use what you have learnt this week about counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to count the objects.


Task – Practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s on the activities below.


Objective – I can understand different types of words.


All this week we have been learning about the different types of words – nouns, adjectives, verbs and prepositions. Today we are going to recap what we have learnt with some sorting.


Task – Sort the words into nouns, verbs and adjectives. You can print and cut up the words and stick them in the right place, or you could write the words onto post it notes or small pieces of paper and sort them, or you could put the words ‘noun’ ‘verb’ and ‘adjective’ in different areas of the room/garden and ask someone to read a word and you have to run to the correct one. This can also be done with chalk if you write ‘noun’ ‘adjective’ ‘verb’ in three different places. However you want to try this task.


(Note for parents - I couldn't mix the words up so one document is full of adjectives, one has verbs and one has nouns - if possible, could these be mixed up when you carry out the task. Sorry I couldn't do this before uploading, my technical skills are very limited!) 

Challenge – Can you think of a noun, adjective and verb for every letter of the alphabet? You could turn it into a game against someone else or ask them to help you and work together.


Today is our final lesson looking at the alternative 'ear' sound. I have attached the learning power point and an addition activity if you choose. You don't need to print the worksheet, you could write the words in your book or on a whiteboard/blackboard if it is easier. I have also included the final part of this week's story. Enjoy!