St John's CE (VC) Primary School

Life in all its fullness

Friday 18th November

Thank you for your kind donations to Children in Need today.

The children have had fun and come home with a Pudsey puzzle challenge in an envelope.

If you can do the puzzle take a photo and show us on Tapestry!

We loved dancing to this song today!!

Pudsey and Pudsey - Children in Need 2012 - BBC One

See It, Say It, Sign It | Letter Sounds | ASL Alphabet | Jack Hartmann

See It, Say It, Sign It by Jack Hartmann teaches sign language for each letter and the letter sounds for each letter of the alphabet. A really nice way to learn a little bit of sign language.

Learn to Read | Phonics for Kids | Letter Sounds - Y, Z, Q, U

A fun way to practise our phonics.

Tricky Words Song Phase 3

This video shows all the Phase 3 tricky words. We have not done them all yet in class - but its still good practise.

Count by 1's to 20 NOW! | Jack Hartmann

Count by 1's to 20 by Jack Hartmann is a counting to 20 workout song that builds brain and body connections. This counting song will have you exercising as you count to 20 and crossing the midline as you workout to build that important brain communication of the hemispheres.

Have fun playing this Topmarks game. Choose the level which your child is able to do confidently.