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Friday 17th September

The ABC Song

It's the classic ABC song with capital letters (uppercase) and lowercase letters. We have talked about how the song helps us to learn the letter nams.

Alphablocks Level One | Letter Sounds - SATP | #HomeSchooling

Alphablocks is one of the fun ways which help us to learn our phonics sounds.

s       a       t      p

Please practise hearing (not reading!) these sounds at the beginning, the middle or end of words:


sun  ant  tap  pat  sand  apple  tin  pot   sail  anchor  bat   snake    pig   pen   tub   ten  scissors  bus                                        


I have also added a video showing how to write the letters correctly.

Please don't panic!


Just concentrate with your child writing the letters in their own first name correctly at first.



Correct formation is very very important.

If your child learns to write the letters correctly now in Reception class they will find cursive writing in Year 1 very easy.


Have fun writing the letters on a tray in shaving foam, sand, glitter, rice etc.


I would love to see a photo of you having a go on Tapestry!

Learning to Write with Correct Letter Formation full Alphabet

Learning proper letter formation is extremely important, particularly for any child with a learning difficulty. When children try to write, they have to cope with many skills at the same time: - sound/letter association (What letter will make the sound I need?) - how to form the letter (I know I need a d, but which way round does it go?) - visual/perceptual skills and visual/perceptual memory(What does a b look like? Did I make a u or an n?) - auditory sequencing and visual/perceptual sequencing (What series of sounds do I hear in the word I want towrite? Did I put the letters in the right places?) - spatial skills (What part of the letter sits on the line?)
If letter formation is automatic, memory and thinking is “freed up” to cope with the other skills needed, the auditory/visual/spatial aspects of writing.

A lot to take in!!!! But don't worry - we will get there!!!