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Friday 17th July

Good morning! Hope you are well!


Whoop! Whoop! We have made it!!


This is the last day of term and can I just say how incredibly proud we are of each and every one of you!

You have blown us away with the work you have been doing and the progress that we can see you have made.


Thank you so much for all the support you have given your child and the school this year. Working together has helped us all to get through a very difficult and challenging time.


Have a great summer and hope you are loking forward to being in Ruby Class with Mrs Cole next year.


Love and best wishes from

Mrs Bayley and Mrs Welsh x

Kids Can Do Big Things | Teaching Kids That They Matter

Jesus loves kids just as much as he loves adults, and we should never underestimate how important they are in the Kingdom of God. The children love listening to Douglas. In this video he has an important message for them.

Our God is a Great Big God

The children love this assembly song!

One more step along the world I go with Lyrics

This is one of my favourite end of year songs. Sing and read the lyrics with your child. Talk about the new adventures they will be having in the summer holidays and in their next class! Try and reassure them if they have any worries - remember if you say it will be fun - they will believe you!!!

Challenge of the Day!



What are you going to do in the summer holidays?

Draw a super picture!


I can talk about the summer season.


Watch this video to find out what other children will be looking

forward to doing this summer.​​​

    Talk to your child and let them make a decision about         something you might be doing today. 


Here are your last challenges! What will you choose to do today? Please send me your photos of any of the virtual sports activities you've taken part in this week. Remember you can always keep choosing any of the other activities through the summer holidays!

Well done!    

Well done if you have completed some of the daily Virtual sports day activities!!

Please feel free to print off this certificate!

And if you want you can try some of the activities that you didn't do in the summer holidays. 

Have fun!!!!!

Virtual Sports Day certificate


No phonics or English task today!!

I have put on a summer holiday challenge for you to get started on.

If you complete and mark off all of the challenges by the time we come back to school in September I will award you a special certificate! 


Remember!!! - Have lots of fun!!



For the writing challenges, helping your child to write 2-5 sentences is absolutley fine. If they want to write more then let them!!!

Remember  - Start your sentence with a capital letter

Leave finger spaces

End your sentence with a full stop.

Read your sentence


Well done!  yes

You can print the challenge sheet and tick the boxes off as you go!