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Friday 16th October

Learn the Letters and Their Sounds Zed | Alphabet Sounds | Jack Hartmann

A great video to learn letter names and sounds to!

#Stayathome - Alphablocks Level Two | Letter Sounds - HBFL | #HomeSchooling

#Stayathome - Alphablocks Level Two | Letter Sounds - FF LL SS | #HomeSchooling

We are learning that 2 letters make 1 strong sound.


We are learning Phase 2 phonics and tricky words. These short sounds are called phonemes. Please can you practise saying these phonemes with your child.   Thank you.



This week’s phonemes

h,   b,   f,   ff,   l,    ll


Please practise hearing (these sounds at the beginning, the middle or end of words:


ruff   hiss roll   look  fin  lick   bill  ball fan,  pill  hill   fuss luck   miss    puff

Tricky words. These are look and say words. They cannot be sounded out!

Please help your child to remember these tricky words by sight:

I  the  to  no  go  into


Read these simple words (some are silly words!!):

if   am   on   up   it   in   ug   as             at   a   ab   ip   eck   ib  et  ill



Subitize Up To 5 (soo-bi-tize) | Math Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

It is so important that children can look and say a number in a small set without counting! Challenge - Can they say the answer before it is shown on the screen?