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Friday 3rd July


Objective – I can solve doubling problems.


Today is our last lesson on doubling and we are going to use what we have been learning this week to solve some doubling problems.


Here is a song to help you remember your doubles –

Task – With an adult, (prompt card to help with what the task is asking), work through the activity cards. Each card has a doubles machine on but not all the machines are working, can you talk about which ones are working and which are not? Try to say what is wrong if the machine isn’t working. You could look at the cards on screen and talk about them or print them off and as you discuss each one, sort them into ‘working machines’ and ‘broken machines’.

Challenge – Try the ‘problem solving’ and ‘reasoning questions’. You might need some help to explain what you notice.


Objective – I can write my own story.


Today we are going to use our story maps to write our own stories. When you have finished, I would love for you to send them in so I can share them on our class page with the rest of the class! Before you start writing, re-read your story plan to someone to check you can remember what happens and your story is in order. Think about how you can start your story as this is often the hardest part of writing the story. You might decide to start with ‘One day…’ or ‘It was a sunny day…’ or something better.


Task – Write your own story about a missing toy that takes your character on an adventure. Use your story map to help you and try to include the key words you wrote yesterday. Once you have finished, read the story to yourself to check for any mistakes and to check it makes sense. I’m sure someone in your family would enjoy reading your story too. You might even want to include some pictures of your adventures at the bottom of the story.


Challenge – Use the story writing checklist to make sure you know what to include and tick off as many things as you can as you write.


Today is our final lesson learning the 'ore' sound. Practice reading and spelling 'ore' words then decide which of the tasks you want to try. You might prefer to practice spelling some of the 'ore' words we have learnt on paper and seeing if you can write them in a sentence instead.