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Friday 15th May

Good morning, 

Happy Friday! Today I have a bit of a challenge for you to try.. 

Below is a link for a big game of guess who! You might recognise some of the faces but can you work out who is who using photographs from when they were little?

Enjoy trying to match the baby photograph to each member of staff. Results will be shared on Monday. Good luck! 

(There's a few I'm pretty stuck on! At least I know which one is mine..!) 

Have a great weekend Class One 

Miss Hickman 


Objective – I can problem solve using a half and a quarter.


Today we are going to apply what we have learnt over the last two weeks to problem solving and reasoning questions. Try the questions by yourself to start with and then with an adult after. Use equipment (anything you can get your hands on) to help you and remember if any questions say ‘explain’ or ‘prove’ or ‘say why’ you will need to write a sentence with your answer. Have a go!


Objective – I can make plurals using ‘s’ and ‘es’.


Today we are going to learn how we can turn nouns from singular (meaning one) to plural (more than one) by adding ‘s’ or ‘es’ at the end. Work through the powerpoint with an adult to learn the different rules for adding ‘s’ or ‘es’.

Task – Try the ‘animal plurals’ activity to practice using singular and plural nouns.

Challenge – We are going to continue looking at plurals in our phonics lessons next week so for fun, today’s challenge is a ‘Name 5 things’ game you can play at home with your family. You could write your answers to see who is the quickest, time each other shouting answers out, compete against each other or come up with your own rules. I hope you enjoy playing!


Today we are going to continue reading 'est' words. Work through the presentation then decide which (or all) of the activities you want to try.