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Friday 15th May

Good Morning everyone!  Well I have had a very busy couple of days in school (made all the better by a special delivery of cake from someone, you know who you are and they tasted amazing, thank you x).  We had lots of fun making our family hearts yesterday and then in the afternoon we made vehicles to roll down the bank!  Mr Rogalski has organised a brilliant challenge for you this morning - a 'Guess who' game of teachers.  Have a look at the the attachment below and all will be revealed!  Good luck!


Following on from 'The hole at the bottom of the sea' on Wednesday today we are looking at 'Commotion in the Ocean' with a couple of craft ideas.


I am going to take some time today to catch up on all your Tapestry pictures and then I will speak to you later with my certificate video message.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone, keep staying safe and well and loving being with your family x


Teacher Guess Who?

Friday Worship Assembly


As we listened to Douglas yesterday which reminded us about God's love and the love of our family, today we are going to finish off our worship by singing our favourite assembly song, sing along loud and proud.



Listen to the story of 'Commotion in the Ocean'.  When you have finished talk about the book with your mummy or daddy and then decide which is your favourite animal.  Can you think of some words to describe the animal, big, small, calm. brave are just a few ideas.  You could draw a picture of the animal and then ask an adult to write the words around the picture or have a go at writing some of the words yourself.



Craft Ideas for 'Commotion in the Ocean'



Today is all about having a bit of fun so I would like you to play a board game that involves dice or counting in some way - snakes and ladders, frustration,or you can use the ones I have given you below on the screen.

Snakes and Ladders 1-20

Addition to 20 board game (harder challenge)