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Friday 3rd July

It's Friday!


Hello everyone! Can you believe there are only two more weeks left of school and then it is the beginning of the summer holidays?  Many places are beginning to open again tomorrow (they are calling it Super Saturday) so hopefully things will begin to feel a little more normal soon.  On Sunday, it is the 72nd anniversary of our beloved NHS. I have heard there is going to be a clap for them at 5pm on Sunday to recognise the wonderful work they do each day. I will certainly be clapping them!


For those of you who enjoyed inventing your own chocolate bar recently, now you can do it for REAL!  Cadbury are holding their inventor competition for the third year running, where you have the opportunity to design a new bar of chocolate and see it get produced and sold in the shops!!  You were so creative with your ideas recently so I have put the link below for anyone who is interested.


Have a wonderful day. Keep trying hard - you're nearly there!

Mrs Winstone :) 




I can recognise horizontal and vertical lines


We will be exploring horizontal and vertical lines in today's lesson. Have a look at the poster below which shows what horizontal and vertical lines are.


You now need to draw a picture with a ruler using straight lines only.   These can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. You could use the squares in your book to help you. Once you have finished, draw over all of your horizontal lines with a coloured pencil and your vertical lines with a different coloured pencil.


If you already drew a picture using straight lines yesterday, you can have a go at the document below instead.

Once you have completed your work on horizontal and vertical lines, use your time to continue to practise your 8 times tables (division facts) on Hit the Button.  Then see how fast you can recall your 8 times tables using the Speed Test!


Friday 3rd July

I can answer questions about a text.


July is normally the month when the Wimbledon Tennis Championship is played. Unfortunately, it won't be taking place this year but you can learn all about it in today's activity, which is a comprehension exercise.  


There are three levels of difficulty for you to choose from (mild = 1 star, medium = 2 stars and hot = 3 stars). I have placed the answer document underneath for you to check your answers when you have finished.