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Friday 12th June


Objective – I can compare times using ‘quicker’ and ‘slower’.


Today we are looking at ‘quicker’ and ‘slower’. When something takes less time, we say it is quicker and when something takes more time, we say it is slower. If two children were having a race and Jo took 13 seconds and Sam took 17 seconds, we would say that Jo was quicker and Sam was slower because Jo took less time than Sam. In some things it is best to be quicker but in other things, it is best to be slower.


Task – To carry out challenges and record times and scores. The first set of tasks all need you to be timed so you have a score and all these tasks – the smaller the score, the better you have done. You might want to complete these against someone in your family and have a bit of a competition? Or you could complete them twice and see if you can beat your own score? When you have finished, look through the tasks and see which you can do ‘quicker’ or ‘slower’ or who in your family is ‘quicker’ or ‘slower’.

  • Hop on one leg 10 times
  • Write your name 6 times
  • Write the alphabet twice
  • Run the length of your garden and back
  • Sort coloured pencils/toys/beads into colours


These challenges are slightly different because with these tasks – the larger the score, the better you have done. Again, complete these challenges against someone at home or yourself and see who is ‘quicker’ or ‘slower’ but remember, the longer you can do these tasks – the better!

  • Balance on one leg
  • Walk with a book on your head
  • Stand a pencil up then see how long it stays without touching it
  • Set up dominoes without them falling over


Challenge – Can you think of your own challenges?


Objective – I can write a postcard.  


Last week we learnt how to write postcards and today we are going to write one from our magical place. I want you to pretend that you were walking along the beach when you found the tub of bubbles. You took the wand out and blew a huge bubble, and as it flew into the sky, it scooped you up and took you to a magical place (the place you designed yesterday). While you are there, you write a postcard to someone back home to tell them all about your adventure.


Task -Make and write a postcard from your magical place to someone back home. You can make your own out of card or paper, or print the template one.


Challenge – To include a question and question mark.


Today is our final lesson on 'ing' and 'er' words.