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Friday 12th June

It's Friday Hip, hip, hip hooray!!!  I hope you have all had a fabulous week.  We have enjoyed doing all the activities on the website in Nursery this week and we hope you have too.  It has been lovely to see some of you and my how you have grown!  There has been some wonderful things on Tapestry and you keep making us smile.


To finish off talking about being healthy I have put the link below to the Change for life website where you can find lots of indoor activities - I really like the Pumbaa Hippo Hops game!  And I also wanted to share the song we have been using in Nursery to keep ourselves 2 metres apart.


I hope you have a brilliant weekend, keep staying safe and don't forget next weeks pages will be ready by this evening if you want to have a peek at what we are doing next week!  Love Mrs Stone, Mrs Clews, Mrs Farrow and Mrs Bowler.


Two Meters Away - Social Distancing Song for Kids

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Friday is also worship assembly day and today we are talking about kindness.  Watch the short film below.  What happens every time someone does something kind in the film?  Can you think of something you could do today that is kind and puts some colour into someone's world?


Color Your World With Kindness

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'Cool' activity - read Goldilocks and the Three bears and then retell the story.  This is also combing with your maths for today as I would like you to find three bears or toys of different sizes and then give them 3 bowls, spoons and if you have them 3 different chairs in your house.  Can you match small, middle and big for each of the items?


'Hot'Activity - Last day of the week so a recap over the last 4 letter sounds we have learnt.  Have a try at the sorting game below.  If you would like to you can also have a try at writing a healthy shopping list of five items you could put in a lunchbox.





'Hot' activity - Have a listen to the Jack Hartman song below which will help remind you about the hours on a clock.  Then I would like you to draw three clock faces showing what time it would be when you do the following:






There is also a link a game to play if you would like to (parents you can sign up to this one for free) and you need the game telling time to the hour.

Let's Learn About the Clock | Fun Clock Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

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