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Friday 12th



I can complete test style reasoning and problem solving questions



I can complete comprehension questions


Today you get a rest from Macbeth before next week.  It's reading comprehension day today.  You're now onto the Battered by Hurricane Winds.

Topic & Philosophy


Topic: Complete your project and send it in if you can.


         Philosophy:         Is everything connected?

Thinkers from all ages and countries have discussed the idea that we are all connected and that everything we do affects everything else - what do you think about this? Imagine if you dropped a piece of litter by accident - what might happen to it? What might happen to that piece of litter/what might it become if you recycled it? What might the story of that piece of litter be?



When we die our bodies become the grass, and the antelopes eat the grass. So we are all connected.
- The Lion King