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Friday 11th November

Phonics Song | Letter Sounds | Letter Sounds Workout | Alphabet Song | Jack Hartmann

Letter Sound Workout engages your children physically and academically as they learn their letter sounds. Learn the letter sounds with our exercise to the letters. This is great for getting all of the brain working too...have a go grownups!!

#Stayathome - Alphablocks Level Two | Letter Sounds - JVWX | #HomeSchooling

Learn to Count: Counting Using One to One Correspondence

It is always surprising that children can rote count to 100, recognise big numbers and even do simple addition ... but then they do not count objects accurately!! This is called counting using 1-1 correspondence. Please can you watch this video and then help your child to count lots of things around the home. Have fun with your counting!!

Shapes Song 2

A fab shape song! Does your child recognise most of the common shapes?


After watching the video see how shapes you can recognise around your home?

Have fun with shapes. Click on the link below to have a go!

The Shape Song #1 | Super Simple Songs

We love these Super Simple songs in class!