St John's CE (VC) Primary School

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Friday 11th March

Dance the ABCs - ABC Song

It's an ABC song with colors and phonics.This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins.

We are now starting to learn Phase 4 phonics.

This involves learning to blend and segment longer and compound words often known as CVCC, CCVC words etc. At this point it is important that the children learn the 5 vowel sounds and know that the other letters are called consonants.

They will be learning to blend adjacent consonants together e.g. 'mp' 'nt' 'nd'  etc. at the beginning and end of words e.g. lamp, bent, land, grin.

♫ The Vowels Phonics Song for Children. Tune of BINGO - AEIOU. (Grade 1-2)♫

This song is to help kids associate the vowel phonetic sounds with words to help them remember each sound. The tune is to the common song BINGO to help the kids remember.

Consonant blends - practise blending the two phonemes together.

Subitize Super Fast | Subitize to 10 | Jack Hartmann

Subitize is the ability to tell the number of objects in a set, quickly, without counting. Subitize Super Fast through 10 is a fast paced subitizing song for a challenge. In this subitizing song name the numbers in each set of dots, ten frames and fingers. Subitizing develops math fluency, when students recognize sets without having to count each object and it helps develop number sense and the ability to perform mental math.

FairTrade Coffee Explainer Video

We have celebrated Fairtrade fortnight by starting to learn about how Fairtrade helps farmers around the world to sell their products for a fair price. The next time you go shopping in the supermarket help your child to spot any products that have the distinctive Fairtrade logo.