St John's CE (VC) Primary School

Life in all its fullness

Friday 11th February

Children's Mental Health week

We have done activities this week that help the children to work as a team...growing together and working together. We have also been thinking about our breathing, relaxing and keeping still. Keeping still was an activity that was a big challenge! Try and practise this skill at home with your child...just sitting/lying still with their eyes closed for a few minutes...concentrating on feeling their breathing.


Look out for the Duchess of Cambridge's reading of the bedtime story, The Owl who was afraid of the Dark, on CBBC this weekend! 

Sleeping Dragon 🐉😴 (Peace Out: Guided Meditation for Kids) | Cosmic Kids

In keeping with our Lunar New Year celebrations this Cosmic Yoga video is a good way to practise the art of 'stillness!' A very important skill that helps a child to be fully focused for learning.

Kipper's Toybox - enjoy reading this week's focus story.

Who is making a hole in Kipper's Toybox? by Mick Inkpen

Phonics /ai/, /oa/, /ie/, /ee/, /or/ - Sounds and Vocabulary

A quick revision of the sounds /ai/ oa/ie/ee/or/.

Phonics Ai Sound CVC Words Reading Machine

Please help your child to blend the sounds to read these words...use a pointy finger to blend each sound.

Money Song for Children UK

This video shows the correspondence of pennies to the coins...a great visual.

Click on the link below to enjoy  playing a toy shop money game with your child.

Seasons Song

The children love singing this song in school. Encourage them to read along with the subtitles.

Safer Internet Day