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Fairtrade Fornight

Fairtrade Fortnight

To find out more about 'fairtrade', please watch the assembly below from Mrs Hales. There are then some activities for you to complete. You can do these activities at any time over the next two weeks. You could do them all at once, pick and choose one activity each day or even complete them over the weekend. Enjoy!

Fairtrade Fortnight Assembly

To find out more about fairtrade, take a look at this PowerPoint...

The Story of the Banana

First of all, open the PowerPoint and read the information all about bananas! Then, I would like you to complete the Activity Sheet. If you would like to, there is also a reading comprehension task. As always, there are three difficulties to choose from. Why not challenge yourself?

Play the Fairtrade Board Game!

Here, you will find everything that you need to play a really fun game all about fairtrade! Have fun!

Just for fun...

Have a go at this exciting fairtrade craft!