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Today is a day for you to write freely.  You can write in any style about anything that you like.  It may be a set of instructions, a short story, a diary entry, an information text, some poetry or something else.  I want you to really focus on your punctuation; making sure your capital letter are all in place and your full stops, question marks and exclamation marks are used correctly at the end of your sentences.  If you're not going to be in school for a little while yet, why not write the class a letter and email it to me to share with them?



I can use fronted adverbials


Watch the video below, explaining what fronted adverbials are and how to use them.  Then look at the fronted adverbials sheet for lots of ideas.  Can you write at least ten sentences using different fronted adverbials from across the columns? Don't forget the comma at the end of the adverbial.

What is a Fronted Adverbial? KS2 Grammar Teaching Videos



Wednesday is comprehension day in class and this is the text that the children in school are doing from your new booklet.


I can use a and an correctly

The use of a or an


I can use full stops and capital letters