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I understand what a haiku is and have gathered ideas for one.


Watch the video below to learn what a haiku is.


Monday 11.01.21.mp4

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Now watch the video below to get some ideas of what your haiku might be about. As you watch, jot down some adjectives (describing words), verbs (action words) and adverbs (how the action is done) that you may want to use in your poem tomorrow.


There is a sheet provided, or you could just use a piece of paper to record your ideas. 

Beautiful winter scenes

Music by U137 - Watching the StormHope you enjoy!I own no content on this music or video images, all credit go to the owners

Challenges: If you have any poetry books, try looking through them to see if you can find a haiku. 


Have a look at the website to hear some other great poems. They're not haikus, but you might enjoy listening to them!